5 Productivity Tips to Reduce Stress and Set You Up for Success

August 08. 2018

Can you believe there are only 4 months left in 2018?? Are you wondering the same thing I am, like where did the time go…YIKES!!!

I then have to ask myself how productive have I been this year and what do I need to do in order to finish the rest of the year out strong. Below are some of the tips I have utilized to help increase my productivity and reduce stress throughout the year thus far.


  1. Say NO to CLUTTER

I often say a cluttered mind is an ineffective mind. It is so essential that your mental, emotional, and physical environment is free of clutter so that you can truly focus on your FOCUS!



I can’t imagine going throughout my day without my trusty to-do-list. Whether I’m utilizing my To-do-List notepad, or the note pages on my smartphone, I have developed a habit of creating this list daily.  What’s cool is that you can even break up the tasks on your list such as the easiest versus the more difficult tasks.

**TIP** I learned awhile back that everyone has a “peak” time during the day where they are more effective/productive.  So, whether you are a morning or night person, try to do the task you least likely want to do during your peak time.


  1. DUMP IT

YES it’s DUMP season!! Meaning it’s time to dump and get rid of all those distractions that are not effectively contributing to your growth and productivity.  Whether it be material things, activities, people, etc..It is time to focus on what is important. One change I made recently was I got rid of my television in my bedroom. Listen, since I was kid, I have ALWAYS had a TV in my room.  I mean I would even go to sleep with the TV on.…Haha!!  So, I was worried initially how I was going to feel but interestingly I actually enjoy this new space!  It was quite liberating. I now utilize this as my quiet time to focus on other things as it relates to my goals and plans.



And speaking of plans…. It is imperative that we plan ahead. For instance, as I’m winding down my day, I usually like to go over my to-do-list in order to review the things that were accomplished.  This also gives me an opportunity to start planning and prioritizing for the next day.



I really have made exercise part of my livelihood. As my mother says to me this is like your second religion. LOL!!!  But truly I notice the difference both physically and mentally when I exercise. I have more energy and my focus is on point!  In fact, research has shown that regular exercise increases work performance. By exercising regularly, it releases endorphins that creates alertness and energizes you.  Additionally, exercise is also great at reducing stress.


Hope you find these tips helpful. These are just some of the ones I find useful for me on a daily basis. I trust that there are so many more out there.

Please drop a line below and share how you stay productive? 😉






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