BEYONCE: Excellence Exemplified

August 15. 2018

Hey ET Stars!

So the other day, I attended what would be my third Beyoncé concert ever.  Yes, I’m a HUGE fan. LOL. However, this was my first time seeing her perform with her husband Jay-Z for their On The Run 2 Tour.

And just one word.….EXCELLENT!!!!



I already had high expectations going into it based on seeing her perform before.  So, I was a bit curious how it would be with her hubby now in the performance equation.  Let’s just say, I was totally blown away.  The creativity and artistry I witnessed was amazing.  From the set design, floating stage, production quality, transitions, musicians, dancers, and more, it was EPIC!

And let’s not forget my dearest Beyoncé, I mean she embodies true womanhood.  I just kept thinking WOW she is a mother of three and gave birth to twins a little over a year ago.  Yet, she got back to work and delivered like she never missed a beat.  From her amazing live vocals, multiple costume changes, dancing in high heels, all while making it look so effortless.  She is truly one of the greatest performers alive!



Furthermore, I was recapping with some friends and I talked about how this concert was truly the result of exceptional work ethic. You always hear the saying how hard work yields success and results.  Well this was a true representation of that. You could not even tell that they have been on an extensive tour schedule for months now including overseas tour dates.

I say all this to say, Major KUDOS to the Beyonce/Jay-Z and the entire OTR team (it was a long list and yes, I waited after the concert to see the credits of all the names).  It really takes a dedicated team to support and see a vision come to fruition and they indeed demonstrated that.

P.S. I’d like to put in a request for Destiny’s Child reunion tour next. I’m just saying , Who is with me? 😉






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