Yaaaay!!!! March is here!

In case you didn’t know, the month of March is declared Women’s History Month.

What started out as one day (March 8th) back in 1908 in New York City when thousands of women came together for activism in protesting the hazardous conditions and labor laws against women; has turned into a month long celebration. It was in the 1980s that it officially became nationally recognized for the entire month of March.

This celebratory month is aimed at recognizing the contributions and achievements of women both in history and modern day society.

To all my fellow superheroes, agents of changes, shattering the glass ceiling WOMEN….I celebrate with you this month and every month….YOU ROCK!!!!!



Happy New Year ET STARS!!!!

Welcome to 2021…. OMG!!! We made through 2020 *insert praise dance and cartwheel* LOL!

But seriously, its been awhile since I’ve posted here on the blog; And with last year alone, where the entire world was put on pause and turned upside down, I wanted to start this new year off in revisiting what I enjoy doing and that is speaking/blogging! So I’m hoping to do more of it in this new year 🙂

While 2020 was a tremendous loss for so many, I always like to find the purpose and beauty even in our inconveniences. I know if we really look deep we’ll see that there was plenty of growth, re-focus, prioritizing, lessons, and blessings.

I pray for you in this new year that it will be a year of alignment to unlocking your PURPOSEFUL potential in preparation for impact!


Eva Toby

Hey ET Fam,

Happy new week and all I can say is wow 2020 and a big Woosaahhh!!!!

So we are about four months into this pandemic as the entire world has come to a complete stand still. And while it is a new normal for us, I hope in this time of stillness you are discovering new things and most importantly maintaining your sanity and safety during such unprecedented times.

As I know we all need a little motivation and big virtual hug, I was excited to see that I was featured as the “Role Model of the Week” with the team at SheLeadsAfrica.org where I discuss ways we can stay empowered and motivated when life has thrown us for a loop.

Check out the article in the link below



Hey ET stars,

Hope you had an amazing week!

So I had such a great day today. I was so honored to serve as the Moderator for the Pretty Brown Girls workshop and talk.

Pretty Brown Girl founded by Sheri Crawley is an amazing non-profit 501c3 organization with a mission to promote self-confidence and leadership development for girls of color.

The energy of the workshop and talk today was so positive and empowering thanks to all the amazing speakers, panelists, and activities.

Pretty Brown Girl organization is one of the fastest growing girl movements in the nation. To find out more information about Pretty Brown Girl check out their link below





As an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and purpose driven enthusiast, I am dedicated to helping you reach your maximum potential. Welcome to my world ET Stars!, Welcome to the PURPOSE SQUAD





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