February 15. 2019

Hey ET Stars!!

I’m so excited to announce I will be one of the main speakers at the Girls World Expo (GWE) event taking place in the city of Detroit March 10th 2019! Whoop Whoop!!! *praise dancing right now* 🙂

Girls World Expo (GWE) is an extraordinary one-day event held across the country for young girls ages 11-18 years old to inspire, educate, and empower them! It’s a day full of fun, workshops, entertainment, educational seminars, and much more. As the tour is making its stop in Detroit, there are over 1,500 girls already registered to attend!

I am so looking forward to this life-changing and exciting opportunity of a community of young girls coming together to motivate them to live a life of purpose as they look forward to the future.


My passion for developing and inspiring youth/people encouraged me to write my first book, entitled, “The Purpose Factor” and follow-up workbook titled “You Have the Purpose Factor.” The books highlights the importance of living with purpose in the midst of adversity yet, thriving.

I am inviting you for a phenomenal opportunity to change the lives of our young girls today. I am seeking your generous support in getting 1,500 copies of my book/workbook into the hands of these amazing young girls. Any amount to support this worthy cause would be greatly appreciated.

Remember with your support, it will help change the lives of our future leaders. You get to be a part of the story. Join me in making these books a part of their growth to purposeful living and assuring no girl is left out!

I look forward to your positive response. Donations can be made via the following link or please feel free to contact me at

For more information about Girls World Expo visit:


Eva Toby




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