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So let’s debunk the myths and misconceptions particularly about African-American hair and whether or not it has the ability to grow long. First and foremost all HAIR grows!!!! It is estimated that hair grows on average ½ inch per month. However, the key factor to sustaining healthy hair that grows is not only a healthy […]

It’s Style-Watch, and here are 3 of my top Fall Trends I am so loving!!! 1. LEOPARD– The Leopard print by far one of my favorite prints is indeed timeless. Whether worn as a skirt, top, shoes, or an accent handbag/accessory, this bold print however worn is guaranteed to make you a standout. (Balmain)   […]

Today The Limited (www.thelimited.com) which provides modern young women fashion choices inspired by runway looks and ready-to-wear collections, came out with a line inspired by Kerry Washington’s character ‘Olivia Pope’ from the ABC hit show Scandal. The collection radiates everything powerful, glamorous, feminine, and stylish all in one. From soft pastel colors, to crisp white […]

Check out Episode 8 of “Street Style with Eva Toby”, the series exclusively for Genevieve Magazine. I hit the streets looking to see how people are putting together their stylish summer fashion choices. In this episode, I find this this tourist that shows us in these last days of summer how she keeps it casual […]

It’s Fashion Friday and this is one summer trend I am really loving: The Voluminous Skirt. From floor length, tea-length, to short once paired with a crop top, tank top and/or blazer,  instantly gives you a cool summer lady-like vibe.                         Photos courtesy: Pinterest, […]