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Hey ET Stars,  Cheers to the official start of the Spring Season 🙂 🙂 🙂  I’m super excited, can you tell! It is indeed one of my favorite seasons in addition to summer. And just as Spring represents new beginnings and new life, March 2019 has kicked off with exciting new things.  For starters, last week I was […]

Hey ET Stars!! I’m so excited to announce I will be one of the main speakers at the Girls World Expo (GWE) event taking place in the city of Detroit March 10th 2019! Whoop Whoop!!! *praise dancing right now* 🙂 Girls World Expo (GWE) is an extraordinary one-day event held across the country for young […]

It was indeed a good week for my fellow Africans. Starting with the Ghanian wizkid Kwasi Enin who was accepted not by just one but EIGHT Ivy League schools including: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, and Cornell. Furthermore, Kwasi scored 2250 out of 2400 on his SAT test. Awesomeness!!!       […]