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Check out Episode 8 of “Street Style with Eva Toby”, the series exclusively for Genevieve Magazine. I hit the streets looking to see how people are putting together their stylish summer fashion choices. In this episode, I find this this tourist that shows us in these last days of summer how she keeps it casual […]

I’m a huge fan of the latest trend you’ll see a lot of this Spring/Summer 2014 and that’s the “Pleated Skirt”. Once identified mostly with preppy or school-girl uniforms, is now shaping up to be one of the stylish must haves for the season. The pleated skirt is a classic staple piece as worn by […]

One sure staple you definitely want to have in your closet this summer is the amazingly all versatile ‘white blazer.’  I can attest to this seeing as I’ve gotten so much use from my BCBG white blazer which I paired recently with a jumpsuit (below).  The cool part is that whether you need to dress […]